Nordstrom RACK Dynamic Content Optimized Ads

One segment of the spring campaign consisted of these dynamic content display banners. A collection of assets and messaging that I engineered to be dynamically optimized in a machine learning platform. This platform learns from the users in real-time in order to serve up the most effective ads to an audience.


The Test Group

What are you trying to learn from the test group? In most cases one hopes to better understand what compels the customer, our frame here is in the context of fashion advertising. I created the test group around three categories of imagery: Expression (close crop on face), Product focus (crop on the product), and Full outfit (head to toe).


Animated Banner Samples

Here is a sample of the final retina-ready animated banners at 300×250 for the Shoppes at Belmont location.



The Full Ad Set

The DCO generates combinations the supplied messaging and imagery, optimizing for most effective ad experience for the user and ideally maximize return on ad spend. This emerging technology is very exciting and can be very effective when a control is implemented properly. The same ads were then used across 4 regions for their respective store openings in Chimney Rock, Valencia, Shoppes at Belmont, and Portofino.


Thanks for Looking!

Have questions about dynamic content ads or where to get started with your next display ad campaign? Here’s my contact info, drop me a line!