Nordstrom Rack – Spring Campaign

The Spring Campaign was another big launch with 4 new store openings. Each wave has tons of assets for each of the many channels and each of those assets needs to then be modified to suit each store name and the match the geographic location and demographic target audience based on provided data. Below is a selection of some of the main assets in key channels. Each campaign for a store opening had 2 parts: a pre-opening and a post-opening sub campaigns. Included below are selections from the pre-opening media.

YouTube Preroll and Bumper Videos

Painstaking footage review, editing, color grading, effects, music selection and ingenuity for a big pay off in these YouTube video ads.
Problem: How to get the most bang for our brand buck.
Solution: I identified a variable that could be played in our favor. YouTube does not charge you for preroll ads that the user skips within the first 3 seconds. How to exploit this? My solution was simple and effective. Present all the information in the beginning of the ad and keep them engaged throughout if they continue watching. This way if they skip the ad they have already seen the key points of the placement already. Within this quick snapshot you can easily absorb our message and we don’t get charged for the impression! Win-win-win 🙂

30 Second YouTube Preroll Video

15 Second YouTube Preroll Video

6 Second YouTube Bumper Video


Drawbridge Mobile Gallery

A quick and fun way to leverage the color pops from our brand photography and mix in a little interactivity.


Dynamic Content Banner Ads

Part of this campaign included gearing up for the implementation of our new dynamic content optimization DCO platform for publishing our display ads. I set up to test against 3 types of imagery. Using multiple models, images containing product focus, full look (outfit), or close crop of expression were selected. The banners were deployed and dynamically optimized, while data was collected across all banner sizes.


Social Media

Video, slideshow, photo and carousel with map card ads were created and placed in geo-target locations.


Snap Chat Ad


Mobile Ad Experience