The KoleGear e-Commerce website showcases a new class of pressurized hydration systems for performance athletes. I created an intuitive eCommerce shopping experience, shot product photos, implemented thoughtful SEO, and defined a brand.


Setting the Mood with a Little Attitude

The mood boards reflect the powerful beauty and the rich colors of Kauai’s land and water. This is where the product was created and where it’s creator Steve Cole built a lifetime of training and racing experience. Activity and energy are cornerstones of this brand built by an athlete for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Oh, and what’s pressurized hydration without some old fashioned inuendos to splash some fun into the mix. As a company, KoleGear is a blast!



Finding the Perfect Pair

Finding the perfect font combination is not as easy as it may seem. You really need to put the pair into action to see if they work together and communicate the voice of your brand the way you intend. The combo may look good together, but does the pair convey energy, action, and innovation? Explore a little – or a lot, and find out.



The Colors

Connecting with the land and water from which the product Kole’Gear product was born. I wanted to communicate the richness of life, deep beauty, and energy that is at the soul of KoleGear.



An Icon in Hydration Innovation

Pencil and paper is the best place to start when creating a set of icons for an iconic brand. How to communicate complex ideas in a simple, elegant snapshot. How to add value and cohesion over clutter. Little gems that build to the final pay off.




The product photos were shot under 5500 Kelvin lights in a custom made diffuse lightbox. The shiny and reflective materials needed to retain their tonality without getting blown out. The custom-built lightbox also allowed for rigging to model the straps, with a nice light to cast minimal and consistent shadowing. Backlighting helps to easily knock out the products and create realistic edges that do not appear too clipped or abrupt.



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